The Springer Spaniel

Growing up with dogs I could not wait for the day when I could have my own. When the opportunity came up that I could have my own dog I leapt at the chance.

I wanted to have a West Highland Terrier and I was planning on calling him Max.

I ended up with an English Springer Spaniel called Reuben.

Illustration by Kate Betty Smith.

The decision to buy a puppy – I had wanted to adopt but the dogs home put the brakes on that – was not solely my own. My then partner had a say in it, and I am very glad that he did.

A Springer Spaniel is an excellent match for my lifestyle and the name ‘Reuben’ completely suits him to the ground; I have found that all Reubens I have come across (dog or human) have all been quite cheeky.

Come the end of the working day and the weekend and Reuben is back at my side, accompanying me as we explore the UK. He has now become quite the model.